Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Hey everybody,sorry I haven't posted in the past couple of days I have been SUPER busy!! My mom's school 3 rd - 5th grade is going to a symphony !!
  Do you think they will let me in ?LOLL!! 

What do y'all think about this outfit? My mom found both of these ( including shoes ) at Joann's for..
Sorry for the brightness it's suppose to say :clearance 7.00. WoooHooo!! She got a Great Deal!!

Friday, January 25, 2013


Hi everybody it's June cause my mom is EXHAUSTED from basketball practice I told her I will do today's post :)

OK just for the record Hair Down Thursdays will start up on February 15 just after basketball practice when we have more time.

See y'all in another post.  Bye,

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

National Pie Lovers Day

Hi everybody did you know that today (Wednesday) is National Pie Lovers Day!! June is all ready munching!
June better slow down on her pie or she is going to get a tummy ache!! DO YOU HEAR ME  JUNE!!??!
yum yum, yum doesn't that cherry pie look yummy!!?? Bye,

Can you Gusse what!!

Hey everybody I just got a gift from my parents do you know what it is? It's brand new CARRIER/DOLL BED!!
This is what the inside looks like..
It also came with a bed absolutely Free!!

Doesn't June look all snuggle in her bed???
This is how June will travel when we go on trips. Nice and safe plus with that built in window she can see where we take her!! Bye,
We are starting something new called Hair Down Thursdays be on the look out for some sweet dos you can do on your doll!!  

Hey everybody I'm at school here bummer... But we are having computer lab so I can type this post in what free turn we have left :/ . June's probably throwing a dance party!! That  girl is going to be so-o-o -o busted when I get home she better wish that my bus runs late !!! What do you guys think ? If you think she should have a punishment then comment below! Bye,

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Pet Day!!

Hey everybody! It's me June !! Today while me mom was at school I decided to snoop around here desk. I saw the most amazing thing ever ....FISH!! The fishes were so-o-o-o  cute!! 


Monday, January 21, 2013

Cheese Lovers Day!

Hey everybody!!! Gusse what??!! Yesterday (Sunday) was National Cheese Lovers Day!! June had fun eating cheese!  Who knows maybe she will invent Tootsie roll day!!


Hey everybody it's June

I am so excited can you guess why? My mom is going back to school tomorrow so I will be all alone!!

See y'all later!

Bya, June

Sunday, January 20, 2013


Hi everyone! Sorry today's post got delayed so I'll do at least two post tomorrow

 Bye+ Kayla

Everything Is OK!!!

Hey everyone my computer is OK!! Yeah!!!!  I will still use it for this blog but I have to be careful because the plug that charges it is sparking!! So I will try to make it last.

See y'all later for a FUN post.


Saturday, January 19, 2013


Hi everybody so as you can tell from the title this post has brought bad news ..... my computer broke down and I'm not sure when I will be able to get a new one. I will continue to post but probable no pictures unless I can download pictures from my moms computer!!! So sad this happened please don't leave me for other blogs I will still post what pictures I can and I will figure this out!!! I LOVE this Blog and I want to share with you and have fun with all of y'all!!!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Dance Parta!!

Hey everybody!!!  Where I go to school we're of till Monday!! Are all y'all ready to Parta!!??
Well I certainly am!! So is June!!

She's ready to hit the dance floor!!! Don't y'all think June looks cute in her dance outfit well if you do comment below!!  Bye,

                                Kayla & June!!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

June's Adventure

Hi it's June I'm here to talk about ME!! I went around the house this morning taking pictures as I went

I got to see my horse Butter Scotch!!!! Ain't I adorable!!??!?

I saw my totally WEIRD barbie neighbors.....

I saw my dad's Skylanders!

    Man he has a whole lot of them !!!

After that I played with my own doll!

Then I ate some taffy! It was delicious!!

Finally, I played with my dad say cheese daddy !

Please comment

Please try to comment when I feel like I have a lot of followers I will have some fun activities we will do but I need comments to know y'all are there!!


                          !Kayla & June!

My final photo!!!

                                   OK it's time for my photo!!!Here it is ~  and now for my outfit !!


Awwwww look its me!! My mom got this off the Internet but soon she's going to do another post of me in my best outfit with my best hair style! To all you dollies out there stay strong! See y'all another time.

Later ,
Today I'm going to be showing y'all a craft!!! Can you guess what!?!?   OK PAPER LANTERNS!!!!  Are you Ready???
All you have to do is watch the video above!     I forgot the ruler and my brother who was filming was breathing heavy!! Hope you enjoy it!

                                                  Kayla & June


The picture in my profile will change I don't know when because I have to take pictures with my Nintendo 3DS and the SD wont let me download any of the photos :[    
Stay tuned! Gotta figure this out!!!


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Hi  everybody its June here I finally got to sneak on here to talk to y'all!!! PLEASE DON'T TELL MY MOM!! I love talking to all y'all people. I'm the smartest doll around! See 100-100= ummm MOM!!?? (Kayla (my Mom):0)  
See its zero I figured that out all by my self!!! LOL!!



Welcome to my Blog!!!!

Hi everybody I'm Kayla and my doll is named June and this is our blog!!!Our blog promises to be fun have lots of crafts , reviews , polls  and be totally FUN!!!
Bye for now!!!

Kayla && June!!! (P.S.-I post alot of post by myself)-June!!!