Thursday, July 31, 2014

Beachy Blogger Award!

1) Would you rather buy the Saige doll with Isabelle's personality, or the Isabelle doll with Saige's personality?

I would rather get the Isabelle doll with Saige's personality because Saige is a tomboy like me so I like her personality.

2) What is your dream vacation?

My dream vacation is to Australia!

3) What is your favorite time period in American History?

The pioneer days! I LOVE Laura Ingalls and people like her and her time!

4) Fashion show or sports event?

Sports event!!!

5) Historical Characters or BeForever?


6) How could I improve upon my blog?

Post more and post more photo stories

7) What AG item do you want next?

I want the gymnastics beam!

8) Which doll do you look most like? Which is your personality most like?

I look exactly like MAG #13 and my personality is most like Saige.

9) How long have you like AG?

3 years.

10) Hairbows or flower clips?



I would just like to say THANKKKK YOUUUU. If you want me to nominate you comment below
Love yooouu,

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Molly's Surprise!!

June: Molly! We got you a surprise!!
Molly: Yay!!
Molly: Ohhh!! I wonder what it is????

*rustle of the paper*
Molly: :O
Molly: OMG!!! ITS A BUNNY !!
Molly: These are what mommy collects!! WooHooo!!!
Molly: This is so Cute!!!!
Molly: Thank you June! I love it!
June: Your Welcome! It's from all the family we know that you wanted to start a Beanie  Boo Collection!!!
Molly: I'm so Blessed to have such a awesome family!!!

What do you think of Molly's new bunny??
Kayla, June, Molly

Thursday, July 10, 2014

I Also Got Ruthie's Pajamas

This is Ruthie's Pajamas! 
Katherine is my model today!
Their sooo cute!!
The buttons are so pretty and look like pearls!
The embroidery all over is so cute!! The little R looks so pretty and seems like it would fit her personality!

The dots are on the cuffs, the pocket, and the pants.

It's all good quality! They feel so silky and I think American Girl did good with this set!
The slippers are cute!

They are a little tight! They do fit American girl and slimmer feet dolls but on Katherine and Lacey
they didn't fit that well. Everything else is really good quality and super cute!!


Love, Kayla and Katherine

A Great Giveaway!!! Go Check It Out!!!

Pretty Lilly and American Girl is having a giveaway!! This is what you can win:
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She has a great Blog!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

June's New Hair Accessory!!!

What do you think of June's New Hair Accessory????
I made it out of the McDonald's Isabelle Toy

 It was kinda hard to make but it looks so good on the girls and I want to make some more!!

I sprayed the top in hairspray. Cut it off and then duct taped a hairclip to it.
It seems to hold pretty well. I used one of my old hairclips and IT LOOKS SOOOOO CUTE WITH A PINK OUTFIT!!
 Kayla and June

Monday, July 7, 2014

I Also Got Ruthie's Holiday Dress!!!

I love this outfit!!
 This is really cute!!!

 The detail is amazing!

 The lace and the ribbon are soooooo cute!!

 Its is kinda big in the shoulders. Its squareish.



 The tights are really good material! Their also stretchy so it's easier to pull on the doll!

 The headband is hard to get on but if you know how to put it on its easy. Comment below if you want me to do a tutorial of how to put it on.


The whole outfit is great quality!! All the girls love it!!
 Kayla and Emily

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Some Great Finds My Mom Got For Me!!!!

A girl can never have to many hangers, Can she???
My mom found these on EBay for me for a GREAT Price!!
These are really great and I love that I can hang a whole outfit together

These are great quality!!

These are great shirt hangers

These are little small but they are Springfield hangers and they work pretty good.

The shirts do slide off sometimes but I can live with that and make them work.

They are cute and you can find many sellers on EBay that sell them for .99 cents so a great deal

Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th Of July!!!!

Happy 4th Of July!! Are you doing anything special??


From will be tomorrow or later from tonight!!!
 Love Kayla!