Monday, November 11, 2013

Another Great Costco American Girl Find!!!!

Look at these cute sets I found! I don't see them on the American Girl website or any other store so I'm excited to be sharing this with you! Warning there are a lot of pictures! I was so excited and wanted you to see everything!!

This is everything that is in the box!

It has the dessert counter, table and chairs( they are cardboard but they are cute). I also love that it comes with the Doll Dining book!


Look at all the stuff you get!!!


This was the Doll Dining experience. I love it!!!  It comes with a chalk board to write on, food and even the Doll Dining Book!!!

Look at this set!! It has a lot of stuff

The Doll Star book!!

Cardboard chairs!

Wow! Everything you need to see a great show! Popcorn, 2 drinks, and treats!!


The Theater Set. What do you think?

You get the Doll Boutique book!

You get a dress form to put an outfit on!

Love the little American Girl Bags and the purse!!!

That is to cute!


The Boutique Set! What do you think, I like it but I think I can play Boutique without this set just fine!

The Travel Set!! You are flying on American Girl Air!! Love it!

Your ticket booth!



The Doll Travel Book!


Awww, I beverage cart and snacks! Everything you need for your flight!


Wow! Look at all that stuff!

The Travel Set!!
Isn't it cute!?? I love them all!!! LOL!!!


  1. Those are great! My Costco didn't have them, they restocked the pet travel sets.

  2. what Costco did u see those thing at

  3. WOW!!! Thats awesome! I don't live in Texas and I've never heard of Costco but these are AWESOME! :) :) :)

    -meghan at

  4. I love these sets! I bought the travel set for my niece for Christmas and I'm sure she'll love it! I wish they made a classroom one with the doll school book.

    1. Cool!! I'm sure she will love it!!! They should make a classroom one! Instead they have that scene. I'd personally buy the set if they made one!!!