Tuesday, April 30, 2013

How To Make a Pinata!!

Hey Everyone, today I will show y'all how to make a pinata for Cinco De Mayo !! OK so  here the supplies you need....
* paper streamer
* anything you want to decorate with
* stencil
* Half a toilet paper roll
 * 2 Thin Cardboard Sheets
 You need a stencil to cut out.
 This is what it should look like after you cut it out.
 Trace it onto your thin cardboard.
 Here's the after picture.
 You need to cut it out twice.

 Get your Toilet paper roll and cut it in half.

 Here are all your pieces.
 Take 1 half and cut every half inch.
 Here is what it should look like.
 Glue the stencil cut outs to the toilet roll.
 Time to Decorate:  Put a dot of glue and start wrapping. Put glue every so often.
 Here it is fully wrapped.
 Now decorate it however you want . Remember: Be creative!
 Here is how mine turned out to look!
How to make fringe on the tips of my Pinata~
 Take 2 color streamers ( or any colored tissue paper) and line them up together.
Then you fold them in half.
Cut them into strips. CAUTION : DO NOT CUT ALL THE WAY.
Cut all the way to the end.
Tear the paper in half.
Lightly crunch up the part where it is all connected and fluff up the streams.
TADA!! And your finished!!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

National Story Teller Day!!

Happy National Story Teller Day!! Lacey read  June a book.
So grab a book and your dolls and enjoy National Story Teller Day!!!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Happy National Pretzel Day!!!
 June, Katherine and Lacey are enjoying their Pretzel's!!!

Hope you enjoyed your Pretzels today!!!!  We Did!!!! Yummy!!!!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Happ Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!!  and Today is Miss.Molly McIntyre birthday and yesterday was Miss Elizabeth Coleman's birthday and Happy Earth Day so here the pictures!!!

 The girls decided to take some screenshots of them playing on this beautiful earth we call home help us keep it clean and healthy!!! Use less plastic,Use less energy, Help Mother Nature PROTECT our planet Help us!!!
                                          Happy Earth Day

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Gusse what!!

Hey sorry I haven't  uploaded these pictures but her is Katherine getting her cast off!!
 Hey everyone its me Katherine and today I'm getting my cast off!!
 So here I am sitting in the waiting room!!
 " Hi sweetie I'm your nurse Mrs. Lacey the doctor will see you now. "
 As the nurse Lacey ( can you tell who it is) walked away I followed  her.
 Hi Katherine I'm Dr. June can you please go put on this hospital gown.( can you tell who the doctor is ? )
 Well sorry for the sideways photo but back to Katherine  I need hep to put this on.
 The doctor let me run the saw on my arm it tickled!!!
Well says Dr.June "You get to keep your cast, Have a nice day hope we don't have to do this over again"!!
I got my cast off!!!
 Kayla & Katherine

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Happy Easter!!!

Hey everyone Happy Easter everyone!!! I took a couple of pic's here they are!!!
 Happy Easter from the girls!!!
Oh look what the Easter Bunny brought!!!
WOW!!! Yes girls he brought me the My Life Wheelchair Set!!!!!

Kathy ( Katherine) broke her leg falling off her horse!!
Easter Bunny left them a egg hunt . Can YOU find all 15 eggs!?!?
AND they're off!!! Katherine in the lead finds a egg on the side table.
 June runner up for second finds two eggs one on the chair and one on the beanbag!!
 Wow her lightning fast reflexes get her three eggs with one on the salon chair!!
and so sorry but Lacey in dead last finds two eggs n the floor!

These cute little chicks are also from the Easter bunny!!!                                                                          Now for a absolutely awesome surprise  from my parents!!!
 You all remember coconut right? Well introducing ....
 Praline and Licorice!!!!
 Here is the side view of licorice.
 The bottom of Praline. You can see her tag says American girl on it
 The side view of praline.
On the bottom of licorice here you see her tag the little gold tag indicates hat she s a older version and that she is bigger than the modern pets today from American girl if you were wondering that tag has  a red A on it it also says made for American girl in china!!
 Here is the full picture from under Licorice.
Happy Easter from all of us!!
Bye, Kayla, June, Lacey, And Katherine!! ( with licorice, Coconut , and Praline )

P.S.- Doctor said that Katherine will heal fast and can get the cast off on the sixth of April so bye!!