Thursday, January 9, 2014

AG Rumors!!!

I saw on Living A Doll's Life this info:

What to believe????
With the Be Forever rumor on a fast track....
I've been following another RUMOR---

From the lips of an AG PS (whose city I won't name) - an Historical doll will be (re)released from the AG Archive mid April 2014.
I know that a lot of (hopeful) people have speculated Samantha Parkington would be re-introduced because she is a favorite and originally the face of Pleasant Company's American Girl collection (packaging). There is a portion (generation) of the AG market who do not know who Samantha is or her story, even what she looks like!
  • Samantha's collection was archived May 31, 2009.  
  • Kirsten was officially archived January 1, 2010.  
  • Felicity's entire collection was archived on March 28, 2011.
  • Molly's collection was archived December 31,2013.
 The official position of American Girl is that low-selling Historical items are removed to allow newer items to be released.
Also worth noting, another AG CSR said the NOLA collection would be archiving in 2014. (Currently there is very little in their collection).

  • Possible 2014 NOLA archival. 
  • Possible re-release of historical mid April 2014. 
  • Pushing back release date of a new historical (rumored 1950s) to 2015.
Again this is all speculation. I decided to post this only because the trail on this RUMOR got hotter. We will watch this RUMOR closely. Keep your eyes and ears open.
So what do you think? I hope Samantha will be re-introduced!! I would love to be able to get her and some of her collection!!
Plus I've got to start getting the NOLA Collection! I love Marie Grace and Cecile! I want them!!!
So if you hear anything please update us!!
All credit goes to Rhonda and Living A Doll's Life! Love this blog go and check it out if you haven't already!!


  1. Very interesting. LADL indicating re-release of an Historical and DW speculating a MAG revision. Should be a fun spring and summer at AG!

  2. Didn't they say it Samantha is re released during September? I saw on facebook