Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Getting Into The Christmas Spirit..............................

I'm still going to post a few Christmas pictures since I was so sick and didn't get to share our Christmas with all of y'all!!! Hope you enjoy!!
The girls were really excited about Christmas!! They were sitting around having some Christmas treats, drinking hot chocolate!!!!
Lacey: I can't wait for Christmas!!

June: I know right!!

Emily: I hope we all get what we want!!!

Molly: I know, let's listen to music and shake our groove thing!! LOL!!

Lacey: Yes, that sounds like fun!!!

Lacey: I know the perfect song!!! The theme to Peanuts!!

Lacey: I LOVE Dancing!!!!

June: Me to!!!

June: Katherine! Shake it girl!!!

June: See like this!!!

Emily: Dancing is so much fun!!
Molly: I know!
Katherine: I just LOVE Dancing!!!

Katherine: This put me in the Christmas Spirit!!

Molly: I love when we are all silly together!

The Christmas Treats!!

Brownies, Gingerbread Men and Snowman sugar cookies! Yummy!!

June: That was way to much fun!!! I love spending time with my family!!
Kayla, June, Katherine, Lacey, Molly and Emily

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