Meet My Dolls!!!!!!

This is my dolls profiles!!!
Name: June Arnold

Favorite Color: Pink!

Favorite Food: Fish

Least Favorite Food: Brussels Sprouts !! Yuck!!

Pet Peeve: When people wear a skirt under a dress

Description: Light Tan Skin with Brown Hair with Bangs and Brown Eyes

Favorite Animal: OMG!! HORSES!!

When I Got Her: December 25, 2012

Name: Katherine Arnold

Favorite Color: Blue!

Favorite Food: Spaghetti

Least Favorite Food : Any Green Vegetable !!! 

Pet Peeve: Socks and Sandals!!

Description : Light tan skin, Green eyes with Red Curly Hair

Favorite Animal: Dogs

When I got Her: February 25 2013

Name: Lacey Arnold

Favorite Color: Purple

Favorite Food: Pizza

Least Favorite Food: Chicken

Pet Peeve: When people wear long sleeves and shorts

Description:  Fair skin ,Green Eyes, and Blond Hair

Favorite Animal: Dolphins

When I got Her: March 2 ,2013

Name: Emily Bennett ( Name when I was adopted Arnold )

Favorite Color: Black

Favorite Food: Crumpets !!

Least Favorite Food: Oatmeal

Pet Peeve: When people lie for no reason .

Description: Fair Skin, Blue Eyes, and Brownish Red Hair.

Favorite Animal: Dogs

When I Got Her : July 7 , 2013

Name: Molly McIntire (last name when I was adopted is Arnold )

Favorite Color: Red

Favorite Food: Grilled Cheese Sandwich!!

Least Favorite Food: Turnip!

Pet Peeve: None

Description: Fair Skin, Hazel Eyes, and Brown Hair.

Favorite Animal: Her Dog Bennett!!

When I Got Her: July 11 , 2013

Name: Saige Copeland ( last name when I was adopted is Arnold)

Favorite Color: Blue!

Favorite Food: Fried Chicken!!

Least Favorite Food: Broccoli!

Pet Peeve: People that judge by appearance

Description: Fair skin, Blue eyes, Brown wavy hair, Freckles.

Favorite Animal: Horses!!!!!


  1. This is a cute blog! I love June, she is so pretty!

    1. Thank you I really Love poeple with positive attituds just like yours! Just so you know I will post at least once its hard to keep up with school:/

  2. Awesome,Kayla.. I like June.. She Looks Like you,In a Way.. The Bangs.. The Eyes,I think. Pretty Awesome. :D Later,Sista.

  3. I love the new profile pictures.

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    1. Thank you! I hope you like my blog and follow me.

    2. I would love to follow you but I can't find your "Follow Me" button.

    3. It right under pageviews thanks for following

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    1. Lol no the dolls are cause I mean you get them from the store or for Christmas I mean some girls might play they are blood related but I don't I think their adopted

  6. this is my first time on your blog and I love it SO MUCH!
    I have 6 dolls felicity,ella
    (ella is a my American girl),josefina,kanani,mckenna,and last but not least Emily(I got them in that order).

    1. Thanks for viewing my blog!! I would love it if you could follow me! Do you have a blog? I like your dolls as you see I have Emily I'm getting Josephina and trying to find Kanani what JLY doll is ella? June is a JLY or My American Girl To!! Bye!!

  7. I think Im going to ask my mom if I can follow you I don't have a blog.i really love your dolls to! I think ella is number 24 but im not a hundred percent sure.what number is june I love her and her name.and I also have a question if you could get an American girl doll that you don't have what would it be,mine would be samantha

    1. June is number 13 if you still have her box look on the front of it . Thanks I love the name Ella to I think I might get another JLY doll and name her Ella I'm getting one that looks like June with short hair though I'm naming her Jacqueline . If I could get one doll I don't have it would be Kanani cause I love her hair bye!!

  8. thanks for telling me how to tell what number my JLY me doll ella is,she is number 24.i REALLY love june she kinda reminds me of Samantha.

    1. Aw your welcome it took me awhile to figure it out. Ya June does kinda look like Samantha !! Ella is so pretty I looked her up on this website called Ella kinda reminds me of a freckled brown eyed caroline :) I want her and then JLY number 57 im going to name her Jacqueline and then maybe a redhaired one like #5 and maybe... I LIKE THEM ALL LOL

  9. I really like all the JLY dolls.for my next doll im deciding between marie grace saige and another JLY doll im not sure what JLY doll i want because i like so many.i want to no what do you like better historical dolls,JLY dolls,or girl of the year,my favorite is either historical or JLY dolls.

    1. k thanks hope you love your new doll!!

  10. Your dolls are so cool, and so is your blog!!! :)


    I would love it if you checked out my doll blog! Here is the address:

    1. Thanks Elly!! I will defiantly check out your blog!! :) !

  11. Hi,
    I love your doll Saige (I really want her!)
    Your blog is awesome!
    I love AG dolls too!