Friday, October 18, 2013

More "My Life" Items at Walmart

I went to a different Wal-Mart and found the same My Life stuff that is  at my Wal-Mart but I did find the Owl hat  here!! I love it and it is to cute!!!

Love those eyes!!! LOL!!!
The camping set. I've heard great things about this set

The wheel chair and crutches. I have this set. It's good but the AG dolls don't fit in the chair or the leg cast.

This is cute. I like butterflies.


I LOVE these purses!!

The dolls
I like her she looks cute and sporty and the snowboard set is to cute I might have to put this on my wish list!!

Here is their Doll Carrying case. I have the Badger set and I really love it and the salon chair I have this chair but in Pink!!!

I think she is my favorite!

Another look at the Snowboard set!

The Puppies are sooooo cute!!!


I want a Poodle!

This one looks like Coconut!!

The Horses!!!
The Bed! I don't like the bed it's all plastic!! I want a metal or wood bed Not Plastic!!!


  1. i have rewarded you the best blog of the week! plz do this top ten facts about your self in a post!

    1. What ten facts? Can you leave a link? Thanks for the reward though!

  2. Nice photos. I agree with you about the's sturdy, but all plastic.