Monday, October 7, 2013

Another Great Find For My Dolls!!

I have been looking for a camera for my girls and I found this one at Staples before school started and couldn't buy it at the time but I found it again and this time my mom bought it for me!

I couldn't wait to take pictures until we got home so I took these in the truck! It really flashes and makes a noise like it's taking a picture!

It's a keychain, going to get my dad to take the key chain part off for me.

Isn't it cute??

Emily was so excited and couldn't wait to start taking pictures

Emily: Hmmm... what should I take a picture of???

Emily: Hmmmm

Emily: I LOVE this camera!!!

Emily: I know I see what I can take a picture of!!!!

Emily: Smile! Say Cheeeeesssseeee!!!!

June: Cheese!! Emily Please Hurry and take the picture!!! My arm is getting tired!!!
Kayla, Emily and June