Thursday, October 3, 2013

June's New Hair Style! Check It Out!!!!

Let's do a new hair style!!!
Get your Doll

June is my model today

Get a hair band actually you need 3
Get your hair brush
(remember a doll hair brush, wire brush or wig brush so you don't mess up your dolls hair)

Brush it good

I love June's hair!!!

Split her hair right down the middle

Braid each side and put a pony tail band

Doing the other side

Then bring both braids together

Sorry this picture is so blurry, let's try it again

OK, pull them together into one pony tail

Then put the pony tail band on

Then it's one pony tail

Brush the ends so they don't frizz


Isn't this to cute??? I love this hair style on June and Molly!!!
Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.
Kayla and June