Sunday, October 27, 2013

I Won A Giveaway!! Check It Out.....................................


I entered a giveaway at Karen Mom of Three's Craft Blog. She always has such cute crafts, ideas and doll information. She had this giveaway From JessieRaye's Miniatures and I really wanted and needed more food items for my dolls so I entered. And I Won!!! This is what I got:

2-Vanilla Cookies with Orange Frosting and sprinkles
2- Vanilla Cookies with Chocolate Frosting and sprinkles
1- Serving Tray
1- Chocolate Cupcake with Orange Frosting and sprinkles
(I LOVE the sprinkles)
 P.S..~ The cupcake was a surprise!

The front of the cookie

The back of the cookie
                         Good material. Its actually kind of bendy so it won't break as easy. But its still firm.
The front of the Chocolate Cookie (aren't the sprinkles to cute?)
                                              It really looks like real frosting doesn't it??
The back of the cookie

The top of the Cupcake
The cupcake is not bendy if you were wondering. It is still cute cause its hard so it still won't break!
The side view!
I can't believe it looks like a cupcake wrapper on the side of it!

The Bottom!!
Aren't they to cute???