Sunday, August 25, 2013

My Trip To American Girl Doll Store Dallas ( Part 6 )

Heading Home !!!
 Me and the girls with Saige!! You decide witch picture is better.

 Us in front of the store !
 Me in front of the window displays!
 Me and my brother Joey!
 Us in the elevator !!
 Me sitting in front the store where the elevator gets on and off in the parking lot!!
 Messed up picture the sun was so bright !! ( FYI My mom was behind the camera )
 Me opening my brothers birthday present for me !!
 It's Yank!!!
Pictures my brother took while I was in Brookshire's!
 Emily and June
 Them with their dogs !!
 The Dogs
Yank and Bennett holding on !!
Thanks for looking at my pictures


  1. I think the second picture of you with saige is better.THANKS SO MUCH FOR POSTING SO MANY PICTURES OF YOUR TRIP,they were AWSOME.

  2. awww so you got Molly, Emily, Yank and Bennett? Wow what a great birthday present!!

  3. you mean part 6, Q AND A TIME!!!!! WOOO HOO!!!!!! POST POST POST!!!

    1. Sorry I changed the title. I will try to do the Q&A As soon as I can cause I started Middle School and i'm still getting use to it !

  4. All of this is so AWESOME!!!!!!! I am considering to have a doll blog, and when I go to the american girl doll store I want to post something like this!!!!! ( hope you don't me the copy cat lol).

    1. No I dont mind I would totally LOVE IT That you think my material is good enough to do something like it!!