Saturday, August 31, 2013

FINALLY!!! It's Time For Q & A!!!!!

First of all I want to Thank everyone for their questions, taking the time to read my blog and ask your questions!! It really means a lot to me!!!

Ok let's start!!

Q: What's the story on how you got all your dolls?
A:Well the story was I got June for Christmas I had really gotten into American Girl Dolls so my Brother Joey he knew I wanted a doll so when he was snooping around in the living room he saw a 18 in doll sitting in the middle of the room!! So he runs and wakes me up ( At 6:30 ) :) !! 

Lacey was from E Bay her hair was really bad and she was really cheap so my mom bought her and to this day we are still working on her hair !!!

Then Katherine was a display doll :( she has 2 holes in the back of her legs where she was strapped down we decided to save her plus her hair was really pretty . She was a surprise gift but you know doll lovers we know what a 18 in box looks like !

Q: Who is your favorite AG Doll ( retired or not )?
A: My favorite would have to be Sonali I have always wanted her and I love her hair I'm working on buying her off of E Bay !!

Q: Do you like my little pony?
A: Yes I watch the show a lot when I'm sick other times my brother is with me so I don't watch it that much but he does let me watch it every now and then when he's doing something like listening  to videos on YouTube or playing video games or whatever.

Q: What do you like better Historical Dolls, Girl Of The Year or Just Like You Dolls?
A:I have to say all cause the all have a purpose like Historicals teach you about History and you don't even know it !! GOTY Are common girls with common problems . JLY you make your own story they could be exactly like you they could even be your own historical character !!!

Q: What is your favorite historical doll and what is your favorite girl of the year doll?
A:My Favorite Historical would have to be Kit cause she finds great ways to make her life better in the Great Depression . My favorite GOTY would have to be... ITS SO HARD!! I like Lanie, and Kanani, Mia, Mckenna,  Chrissa, and Sonali i know shes not the girl of the year but she was the friend !

Q:  What got you into American Girl in the first place?
A:I was searching the internet I had already heard of Doll Diaries so I was on there and they did a review on a American Girl Doll I was OMG SHES SO PRETTY I WANT ONE OF THOSE!! I clicked the link and it brought me to Then I discovered American Girl Fan!!

Q: Do you have any siblings that like AG Dolls?
A: No unless my mom counts ?? I just have a brother.

Q: What kind of books do you like to read?
A: I like to read Mystery books the American Girl Mystery's are my favorite !!! Plus horse books I'm reading the Saddle Club series right now !!

Q: Are all your items AG?
A: No I get stuff from Our Generation to . I also get My Life clothes alot of my doll clothes are from My Life ! Also Spring Field !!

Q: Or do you buy OG, Journey Girls, My Life and Springfield?
A: I haven't bought anything from Journey Girl and I don't know if I plan to in the future or not . I do buy things from SpringField, American Girl, My Life, and Our Generation.

Q: Which is better?
A: I  personally don't know !!! OG is cheap and I have their salon chair, BathTub, Salon caddy, . But My Life has really good quality clothes so does Springfield !! So I don't know !!!

Q: I want a horse did you spend the money on AG horses?
A:No !!! AG horses are like 50 $ I got Butterscotch a year before I got June from my older cousin ! Brownie the new one is my friends I"m keeping it for her !!

Q: What other pets do you want to get if any? You have quite a few. I have none!!
A:Sugar and Pepper are really on the top of the list then it's Spice, Meatloaf, and Chocolate !!

Q: What inspires your blog?
A:Crafts and fun things I do with my mom and the girls. I liked AmericanGirlFan's blog and I wnated to have a blog like hers so I searched around and found blogger I already had a Youtube so I made a Blog !!

Q: How do you get so much stuff?
A:I save money like I saved up enough money to buy Emily , Yank, and one outfit but then me and my parents saw we could save 14$ So we combined our money and bought the best friends collection !! My brother bought me Yank though!! My mom told the lady no so she just gave me Bennett and he bought Yank !! My mom also looks on the Sale page on American Girl if it's something thats cheap she will buy me a little present !!

Q: Do you buy it, if so how do you get your money or do your parents buy you what you want?
A:My parents do not buy me what I want I mean they give me gifts sometimes but I'm not spoiled I save my money from chores, Basketball, Grandparents, Holidays, It all adds up in the end !!

Q: What is the next American girl doll that you want to get and why?
A:I want to get Saige cause I am very artistic like she is plus if I had blue eyes like my dad I would look just like her !!

Q: What is your favorite doll that you have and why?
A:I have to say June ( Don't tell the others !!) Because she looks like me she was my first doll shes just so special to me !!

Q: What is your favorite American girl movie and why?
A: I liked the Samantha Movie cause I like how Tom-Boyish she is like me!! Plus I really like Nellie and the sad part when they are in the adoption place it was so sad !!

Q: If you had 500 bucks what would you buy ( its AG money so you can only buy AG stuff :D )?
A:This is all I would get this would make me very happy :)))
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WoW!!! That was a lot of questions. I hope you enjoyed my Q&A, I sure did!!!!



  1. WOW!!!!thanks so much for answering all of our questions.are you gonna have another Q&A?

    1. Ya and your welcome!! I will probley do one every month or every other month .

  2. Cool! I kind of want Sonali too. :)

    1. I want her and now that she's retired I kind of want McKenna !!!

  3. That was a cool idea to do Questions and Anwers!!!

    -Meghan at