Thursday, August 22, 2013

My Trip To American Girl Doll Store Dallas ( Part 4 )

This is part 4!!
 Here is the skate Board set I want it sorry for the glare !!
 Here is the adorable baseball set and the adorable <3 tennis outfit!!
 This seems so cruel....
 I don't do Halloween I go to Fall Festivals so I don't like how they made the costumes so Halloweenie but I would buy the Genie Outfit for a festival since we still dress up !!
 I only really like the Genie Outfit but if you get rid of  the Witch Hat  and boots it would be a cute dress!!
 Adorable talent show set !! <3
 Brushes and the new hair accessories !!
 Here are the JLY dolls !
 Here is the other case of JLY dolls do you see June ??
 Another shot of the second picture.
 This is cute it's the American Girl Storage Cabinet !! I would buy it if it wasn't 349$!!!! I'd rather buy 3 dolls!!! But maybe down the road .....
 June her twin on top of it and a friend of June's twin :)
 The Day Bed with Trundle !!! Chocolate !!
 The bath set I have the Our Generation bath set so I wouldn't mind having the shower !!
 Ballerina outfit and the Yoga outfit . Cute!!
 The camping set is so cute!! Plus I love Pepper!!!!!!!!!!! I also like the outfit I wouldn't mind having everything in that window !! :)
 I like the peacock Pajamas!!  I like the side table!!
 I want everything in this window!!!!!!!! This was so cute !!!
 OHHH I love science I need this set for my dolls!! I like the outfits in this scene . I could care less about the back grounds they could get ripped or damaged !
 Me, June, and Emily with Saige !!
 Just Me and Saige !!
 So far down....
 Mmmmm looks yummy !!
 Sorry for the glare but these are the soccer outfit!
 Here are two more shots of the baseball outfit I don't know how they held the ball but the minute I snapped the picture the ball fell outta the dolls hand !!! :P
 Here is a shot of the snack cart sorry it's not that good !!
 Here are the Volley Ball outfit !!
 Here is Caroline and Inkpot in the Parlor scene I didn't know that window seat opened up!!
Caroline set!
Stay tuned for tomorrows part 5 !!

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