Thursday, August 29, 2013

Welcome Home Emily!!!!

We finally made it home and the girls had a GREAT Welcome Home Party for our new sister Emily!

Everyone is ready to Party even the pets!! LOL!!

June, Lacey, Katherine, Licorice, Coconut and Praline welcome Yank, Bennett and Emily!

Emily is so happy to be home but is wondering when Molly will get here!

Bennett and Yank checking out their new home.

Emily: Guys we are home!!!

Everyone blowing on the Blow Horns and Celebrating the new family members but
Hey Where is Molly? I thought Emily and Molly were coming to live with us?
Stay tuned for more....................
How to make the Party Hats and Blow Horns:
We found a Party Hat template on line and just reduced it by 1/3 and printed it out

Also some confetti or something to decorate the hats with.

I also used a hole punch to make different color decorations.

Trace your Party Hat pattern.

Trace as many as you need

I decorated them before I cut them.

Doesn't it look pretty??
I forgot to take pictures of the final product so just cut it out, then roll it and glue it on the ends and you got a hat. You can get some really thin elastic to help hold the hat on, I didn't need it the hats stayed on pretty good. I might add the string later.
How to make the Blow Horns:
You need some streamer, scissors, a template (we just cut the Party Hat Template in half) and some colored paper for the base of the Blow Horn.
This is how it will look!

Cut some stream about 6 in long

Fold it in half

Then in half again

Then start cutting it in slits (like we did for the Pinata) don't cut to the end.

Then open it up and you have like a hula skirt!

Put some glue on the end of the template

This is a better picture of what we did.

Then stick on the hula skirt!! and press it down hard.

It will look like this

Then roll it up and it will look like this

Trim the ends so they aren't so long

This is the end product!!

Fluff it up and your ready to Party!!!!
Hope you enjoyed our Little Party!!!
Kayla, June, Katherine, Lacey and Emily!!