Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Saige Movie Premire!! (I'm Finally Posting This, Remember My Computer Broke So I'm Finally Posting Old Pictures)

Did anyone else watch the Saige Movie?
 The girls sat in the chair ! A little squishy !!
 They got to squished and moved to the ottoman .
 Side pic.
 The beginning!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 The middle!
 In a balloon!
 This part was so sad!!
 Would you like to ride in that balloon? I know I would !!
Saige's Balloon at the end of the movie.
I wanted to see the end !! But we got cut off for BREAKING NEWS!!!! NOOOOO!!!!
How To Make Our Doll Popcorn !!
Here is what we used Styro Foam Packing Peanuts!!
 My mom printed these out from !!
Shred up the packing peanuts !!

 Put glue in the bottom and .......
 Sprinkle them in !! Thanks!!



  1. I didn't get to watch the end of the movie either same thing the breaking news.

    1. I know right!!! You should have seen me I was kneeling down on the floor screaming NOOOOOO!!!! DUMB BREAKING NEWS !!! lol!