Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My Trip To American Girl Store Dallas ( Part 3 )

Hey everyone it's Kayla here!! Today I will tell y'all about part 3!!
 Cecile's Parrot is so cute does anyone know the name??
 The Molly and Emily Collection I got the Best Friend Collection!
 Awwwwwwwww all the poor Emily's waiting to be taken home. WHO WANTS TO GO WITH ME!!!???!
 All the accessories in the boxes I got Bennett.
 Emily's purple Christmas outfit!! I love this outfit!!
 Molly's ADORABLE green Christmas outfit.
 Here is a closer picture of the out of Molly card I JUST CAN'T BELIVE IT!!
 Here is the store exclusives I like the little red jacket I want one of these !! The jeans seem really cute to !!!
 Here is the other side of the store exclusives !! I'm getting this T-Shirt that says the Dallas Store on it when I go back in September to go do Saige's Scavenger Hunt .
 Here is a shot of Cecile with her Cecile's Parlor Outfit, Desk & Parrot Set I really like the dress it looks really cute with the ribbons in here hair !!!
 Here is another shoot of it it's darker than the first one I took my flash off by mistake!
 Saige's display with her dog Rembrandt and the balloon. Personally I don't see why you would buy this I mean it is cool but I mean Rather than buying something that's going to take up room in the doll house I would rather buy a new doll!! :P But don't get me wrong it is really cool!!
 Here are some of the books I just got a quick picture I want the All the books!!!
 Playing McKenna movie it was at the very beginning !!
 All the mini Dolls I have mini Felicity , Julie , and Kit !! I wouldn't mid owning like ....ALL OF THEM!!
Here is a Kit and Ruthie right next to the McKenna movie scene !!
 Here are all the movies! I Have Samantha , Kit, Felicity, and Molly !!!
 Saige and Picasso and Saige in her parade outfit and hat !! So cute!!
 Close Up!
 Saige's Pajamas are so cute!!
 Saige next to her books ! I love her meet outfit definitely her boots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Some Store Exclusive shirts!!!!
 This bags are to cute!! The ones for dolls was like 4 BUCKS!!!
 Some bags to carry your doll in ! I thought about getting one but then my mom got me the carrying bag !
 Her is the doll apron !! It was 2 cute on this Doll !!!
 Here is the Soccer outfit and the cheerleading outfit!! By the way I know that this looks like June but if you look closely her eyes are blue!!
 Here is the Snack Table with the Tropical Bloom Outfit for Dolls + Charm and the Butterfly Twist Dress for Dolls + Charm . So cute !!
 Sorry this is a far view at the talent show set it had Meatloaf!!! Sorry I have better photos in tomorrows post !!
Here in this picture the roller-skates are being modeled by my soon to be doll I will name her Jacqueline and the scooter is adorable !!

Stay Tuned For Tomorrow's Part 4

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