Friday, February 28, 2014

Happy Birthday Ivy!!!

Today is American Girl Ivy's Birthday and we would like to say:
Happy Birthday!!!!
american girl ivy
Ivy is a Great friend to Julie!
Isn't she cute??

Friday, February 21, 2014

My Last Valentine Post!

The girls were so excited about the Valentine Party!!

Molly just started eating the cake and didn't care that she wasn't sharing!!

Molly: Man that is good!!! I hope No One else wanted any cake!! Hehehe

June: That's ok I'm having these cake pops!! Yummy!!

June: This is my favorite!!

Saige: I'm having some sugar cookies!

Emily: I love the Sugar Cookies to!
Molly: I wanna try a cookie!! Yummy!!!

Katherine: Yes, I think this is my favorite!

Saige: MOMMY!!! Can I have all these cookies?

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Saige: Happy Valentines Day hope you had a Happy Day!!! We Did!!!

The flowers

Our cookies

The cake pops

The cake

The table!!
Hope you enjoyed!!
Kayla, Saige, June, Katherine, Lacey, Molly and Emily
I was going to show you how we made the cookies! Most people would could out hearts out of foam and I found these already cut out at Dollar Tree! So that saved me a big step!

I matched up what I wanted for my cookies!

Pink and white ones

All the colors that were in my package! I love Valentines because all the crafts are super easy to make but add so much to the celebration!!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

I Wanted To Finish Up My Valentines Pictures

We made our own Valentines!
You need:
Valentine Stickers
No Line Index Cards
Fancy Pens or Markers (We are using Gel Pens)

Cut out a strip about 4" long and 2" wide

Then fold in half
Put a stick on the front of the "card"

Then put a "cute Valentine saying" on the front

And now you have some super cute, east and cheap Valentine Cards for the Dolls!

All the cards we made!

The girls looking at their Valentines!
Thank you! I hope you enjoyed this super simple craft! I know it's late but thought I'd still share!

Monday, February 17, 2014


SAMANTHA PARKINGTON IS OFFICIALY RE-RELEASED BY AMERICAN GIRL! Get this she might even come with a new meet outfit. That part I'm not to happy about, bbbuutttt I WANT HER SO BAD!!!!

Isn't she soooo pretty??????

From American Girl Facebook Page:
Time to celebrate, Samantha Parkington fans—your favorite is coming back this fall! Our Victorian-era character's return is just one of the exciting changes to our historical line. Stay tuned for more details…

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Sunday, February 16, 2014

More Valentine Sweets!!

Who doesn't love cake?
To make everyone happy we made a simple Strawberry Cake with white icing
and a Red Velvet Cake! Yummy
First you need:
Sponges ( I used 2 to have a 2 layer cake)
Puffy Paint (for the design on top)

I cut two circles and then painted them white (the icing).
Then I decorated the top with Red Puffy Paint.

Super Easy and so cute!!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

More Valentine's Day Decorations And Crafts

I love flowers on Valentine's Day and I remember making these paper carnations in school so I thought I would help the girls make some for their table.
Start off with tissue paper (I'm using Red and White)
Pipe Cleaners (I'm using Green)

Fold it like an accordion

The wrap the pipe cleaner right in the middle

Then start separating the tissue and fluff it out

Now you have your carnation. One Red and One White!

So now we have our center piece

My mom found this vase in her knick knacks and gave it to me to put the flowers! I love the vase it's so cute and the perfect size!
I hope you enjoyed another super easy and fun craft!

We Got New Coats! Just In Time For The Ice Storm Headed Our Way.......

We got 2 new coats and wanted to share!
I love this coat! It's so soft and I like the colors!

I love the Star Buttons on the front and it has a Velcro closure.

The Velcro closure

Both the coats we got!

The red one is just like our white coat, it's the Springfield Fur coat!!

I love the color, it's so pretty and I love how soft it is and it's a great price!!

Saige really loves the red coat, I guess we know which one is hers! LOL!!

We have had really cold weather, ice storms and snow here in Texas so I think all my dolls now have coats to keep them warm!! And still be stylish!!!
Kayla and Saige