Saturday, February 8, 2014

Did I Share My Other Molly Find????

Once again my mom found me another item from Molly's Collection off of Ebay!!
Molly's Polka Dot Dress!!!

Katherine wanted to try it on first! (Katherine loves clothes and loves to try everyone's outfits to see what she wants to "borrow" LOL)

She loves the dress! What do you think?

Molly wearing it

Molly loves that she has her Polka Dot Dress!!!

Molly just loves her Etch A Sketch they got for Christmas

She loves drawing

And seeing what she can create!

While listening to her boom box!!

Molly: Whooo Hooo!! Shake your groove thing!!!

Molly: I LOVE Dancing!!!

I love the collar on this dress

I love how Emily looks in this dress!!!
Ok, who wears it best?
Katherine or Molly?
Kayla, Katherine and Molly