Thursday, February 6, 2014

June's Birthday Present!!

 Well, June's birthday is Christmas Day and since we were all really sick we didn't get to share photos of her special day but she Insisted on showing you the outfit we got her!!!

June: This is the Birthday outfit my family gave me!

June: What do you think? I LOVE it!!!

June: It's a top with this beautiful red skirt with a denim jacket and cute red shoes!!

June: Without the jacket

June: I love the skirt! It's so comfy and it fits really good!

June: And it's made out of great material!

(Sorry, blurry picture)

June: It's an Our Generation outfit! I LOVE Our Generation, they are a great price, great product and we can afford to buy more outfits!! Yeah!!!
June: The shoes! They aren't to comfy, they are plastic but they look great with this outfit!


June: Gotta run!!! Thanks for letting me share my outfit with each and everyone of y'all!! And thank you to my family for my outfit!!