Monday, February 10, 2014

OK, Time To Start Getting Ready For Valentine's Day!!!

I wanted to start with the Valentine Plates and Napkins!

I found these Valentine napkins and plates at Wal-Mart for .99 and started trimming them down. I used a canning lid for my template since that's what I use for the dolls plates.
I'll start with the plates. I trace the canning lid onto the plate

Make the circle over what pattern you want for you plates

 Then cut them out
And you have a Valentine Plate! Super Easy and it adds come color to your table or Doll Party!
Open up the napkin

cut out the square's of the napkin, you will have 4

Fold the 1 square in half

Then in half again! So your are turning your big 4 square napkin into 4 individual squares and each individual square is folded into a 4 square napkin (does that make sense? I hope so)

Your finished product, 1 plate and 1 napkin! Hope you enjoyed this craft!

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