Monday, June 30, 2014

Reveling My New Doll.................

Here she is.......

Yes!!! It's Ruthie!!! You guessed it right!!!

Here I am opening the box and my brother is watching to see who I got!!

Here she is, isn't she so pretty??

I love her hair!!

Ruthie is the newest member of our family!!!


I love her hair and she is so beautiful!!!!
Kayla and Ruthie

Saturday, June 28, 2014

American Girl NEW Releases!!!! What do you Think????

The New Summer Release.....

The new MyAG #61

I like this tent

This is also a cute camping set
I really, really like this and I love the teapot!! I might have to see about getting this set!

Love Coconut's new look!!!

Like this set but I've seen skateboards at Dollar Tree that I'm going to go and buy for my dolls!! It will be a lot cheaper!!!

This is cute but would love to see some leggings or jeans with the outfit!!

Like this outfit to!!

Like this bed

Really love this!!!




Another Clue For You.........

Another clue..........
Do you know who it is???

Friday, June 27, 2014

Look What I Got For My Birthday!!!

First I got a New Doll!!!
Here are some pictures of her!! Can you guess which Doll I got!!???
The back of her

Her Foot
Hmmmm???? So who do you think it is????

Monday, June 16, 2014

Giveaway Alert!!!


Go to Doll Diaries and check out this great giveaway that she is having:
Giveaway � American Girl Mini Cecile and Marie Grace Dolls
Giveaway � American Girl Mini Cecile and Marie Grace Dolls

American Girl Mini Cecile and Marie Grace dolls and the Cecile and Marie Grace Play Scenes and Paper Dolls set.

So go here and enter:

I wish everyone the best!!!



Monday, June 9, 2014

Have You Been To McDonald's To Get Your American Girl Isabelle Stuff???

This is what I got so far......
2 Mini Dolls and a Hair Set!

 This is one Mini Doll. She's a Ballet dancer!
 This is her on the makeshift stage I made! :)
 Her hair is really soft!! Its GREAT quality!
 Here's a less burry pic!!
 Her arms and head move!!

 This is the card the 2nd Mini doll comes with
 This is the card the 1st Mini doll comes with
 This is the other Mini doll!
 Her hair is soft to!
 (Blurry pic. Sorry!!)  Her arm doesn't move because of her sleeves, but her head moves
 This is both of the Mini dolls. Both are GREAT quality!!
 This is the hair set!
 This is all the stuff it comes with!
 This is instructions it comes with so you can put it in your hair!
 This is the pink highlight it comes with for you!
 It's poor quality I tried to put it in and it snapped.... I'll figure out some how to put it in.
 This is the card it comes with!
 This is all three cards!
 This is all the stuff! All of it is good quality except for the hairpiece!

 Also the 2nd doll has the highlights that Isabelle has!
 It's good quality and doesn't come out!
 Molly wants to play!!
 Molly: WooHoo! these new dolls are fun!
Molly: Yippee!
Molly: Yay! These dolls are awesome! I'm so glad that we got them, we can never have to many dolls!!
Kayla and Molly
I hope you have a chance to go and get some before they are all gone!