Monday, December 30, 2013

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Hey Girls!!

Sorry I haven't been posting I was VERY VERY VERRRYYYYY sick the WHOLE week of Christmas !!!! ( Sick on Christmas is horrible!!) So ya. I will try to get ya'll all updated with Christmas festivities ( and presents) and things for the new year!! SO ya!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Dear Santa............................................

* All the girls talking and eating Oreos with hot cocoa!!*

Molly: So yummy!!! Maybe  I should've put more whip cream.....
Emily: No way Molly you already used half the container!!!!

Lacey: These Oreo cookies that grandma made are sooooooo good!!!!!

Lacey: Yum!

June: Yummy!!!

All: These cookies are great!!!

Katherine: I'm soooo thirsty.....

Katherine; Hey! I don't have any hot coca!!

Katherine: How do ya'll drink hot coca without a saucer!!!

Katherine: Hot coca!!! With a saucer! Perfection!!!

Katherine: Yum!

June: Time to write our Christmas list!!

Molly: I want a teddy bear, A dollie, and  dollie clothes!!!!

Lacey; I want a tutu, and a new jacket!

June: I want a stuffed animal and a new basketball!! (Opps!! Spelled basketball wrong!)

Katherine: I want a red coat to match my hair color, and a new outfit.!!

Emily: I want to know if my parent's in England are safe and a teddy bear!

Molly: Aww, Emily! I'm sure your family is doing great and miss you so much but we love having you in our family and Love you so much!!

Lacey: I'm so happy to have my family and I'm so excited about a Very Merry Christmas!!!

June: I love Christmas but we can't forget the Real Meaning of Christmas! The birth of the Baby Jesus!!!

Katherine: That's right! Jesus is the reason for the Season!!!
Ok Bye!!!
Kayla, June, Emily, Molly, Lacey, and Katherine!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Adding To The Tree.................

The girls were sitting around and talking about Christmas and what they wanted for Christmas! Then.......
June: We Forgot to put Candy Canes on the Tree!!!

Molly: Here they are!!!

Emily found the perfect spot for her Candy Cane!!

Emily: Here! The Perfect Spot!!!
Lacey: Hmmm, where should I put my Candy Cane?

Lacey: I Know!! Right here!!

Katherine: I want to put mine right up front!!!

Katherine: Um, Molly? What are you doing?
Molly: I can't reach! I just needed a little boost!!!

Molly: I want mine way up here!!! Ok??

June was wondering where she could put hers?

June: I know, how about right up front next to Katherine's?

June: That's the spot!!!

June: Awww, I love how the tree sparkles! It's so pretty!!

Our Tree!! What do you think?

It's sparkly and pretty!!!

We made the Candy Canes with red and white pipe cleaners. We cut them down and shaped them!!

Hope you enjoyed!