Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Sorry I Haven't Been Posting.......................................

We got hit by a big Ice Storm and have been without electricity for 5 days!!! It's been rough but we made through ok! We know that God was watching over us because it was soooooo COLD!!! We would talk and see our breath!!! It was below freezing and we aren't used to that kind of weather here in Texas!! I took some pictures, hope you enjoy them!!
Frozen pine needles!!
(this one is my favorite)

This was from a tree branch in front of our house that was knocked down because the weight of the ice on the branches.
Emily decided to be brave and venture outside to check out the damage!!

Emily: Wow, it's still so cold and look at the ice that hasn't melted!

It's cold!! We have to bundle up to keep warm!

Emily: The pinecone is so pretty!

Emily: I love the icicles, they are so pretty, but cold!!!

Emily: Me and my mom's brother!

Emily: I can't believe there is so much ice. No wonder we were so cold in the house!

Emily: Oh no! All the branches broke off our tree!!

Emily: Oooooo, that's cold!! Why didn't I put on my mittens grandma made me?

* Google auto awesome my picture snow wasn't actually falling! * :)

Emily: Berries!!
Emily: Ice branch!! :o
Emily: Iced leaves......
Emily: We must walk on!!!!!
Emily: Imprint of a plant!

One last photo by the lamp post before we go in and warm up!!
Hope you enjoyed our pictures, Stay warm and be safe!!
Kayla and Emily
P.S.~ I used extreme caution while taking my dolls out and no one should do so until you have permission from parents. The ice was melting and water was falling. Also I held Emily for every picture!!


  1. We get ice storms in Pennsylvania - the ice coating everything is really pretty, but I'm always glad when it melts. I am happy to hear you and your family are safe and things are getting back to normal. These are great shots of the ice and Emily. Her coat and mittens were a very timely present.

    1. Aw thanks Melody!! Your so kind! Hope you and your family stays safe this winter!

    2. Thank you. We've had a lot of winter already and the season hasn't started yet, but so far so good.

    3. Same here!! I have a feeling this is NOT going to be my first ice storm this year!!