Sunday, September 29, 2013

Happy Birthday Emily!!!!

This post is late because we had a full day of celebrating Emily and Her Special Day!!



Photo Shoot

The girls sleeping!

Then June wakes up and is trying to get up and going!!!

June: I'm sooooo tired!!

June: "Gotta get up, Gotta get up"

June: Awww!! What a Great Morning!!!

June: Emily!!! Time to get up!!!

Emily: I'm up!! Good Morning!!!

June: Good Morning Emily!!! Let's get  our day started!!!

June: Molly! Molly! Time to get up!!!

Molly: I'm up!! Good Morning Everyone!! How did you sleep? Me? Great!!!!

June: I slept great!!
Molly: Good. Wake up the other two girls over there!!
June: Get up guys it's morning!!
Huh? were up.
June: Come on guys let's get our day started!!
Well we better get going.
Kayla and the girls!!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Another Great Give Away!!!

Doll Diaries is having another awesome give away. Go check it out:

It's 4 Outfits!!!!
Rodeo Drive Shipping Outfit for American Girl Dolls
1960 Style Dress fits American Girl Doll Clothes
Blue Sunday Dress fit American Girl Doll Clothes
I LOVE this dress!!!
Doll Clothes for American Girl 18 inch Dolls, 1930s Cotton Dress
Go and check it out the last day to enter is Tomorrow!!!

Another Awesome Give Away!!!!!

Isn't this outfit to cute???? I just love it, I love the color!!!
What do you think???
Go here and check it out and enter:
I wish everyone the best!!

Halloween Is Just Around The Corner........

Are you ready? Does your Doll have an outfit in mind? We don't celebrate Halloween around here really, we go to Church Fall Festival's, we still get candy but we play games and have tons of fun.

Have you checked out the costumes at ??

This is what they have:

Witch Costume for Dolls + Charm
I like the dress but I don't like Witch Outfits
Spooky Fun Outfit for Dolls + Charm
I like the Orange Tutu!!!
Genie Outfit + Charm
I Like this costume!! It is just to cute!!!
Or are you going to make a costume? I have some in mind that my mom and I are going to start working on soon. I will post pictures when I have them ready. Please post your pictures or post a link to your blog with your pictures, I would love to see them.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

***Hiyyaa!!! Doll Find Alert!!!!****

Hi sorry for not posting over the weekend my internet modem broke so I couldn't post over the weekend :((( But today is one of the bless days I have were Math is my only homework and I finish it in a hour and my parents are cooking dinner and my brother is helping and we take my dad back tonight so I'M POSTING!!!!!!!

I found.......
 Time to open...
 Darn thing OPEN!!
 Finally with my trusty scissors  !!!
 Here is everything in the box.
 Side-under view.
 Top or Birds eye view.
 Here the set put together. It looks cute if you ask me!
 Here's June holding the pot. It does fit them good but it takes a little balance cause their arms don't naturally go in that far towards each other.
 The spoon fits easily into their hands.
 The napkin is soooooo cute!!!!! Its the most adorable outta the set and it fits so easily!!!
 Here is the picture but I had flash on.
 Here is the pot with the lid on it.
 The spatula is just like the spoon you just rest it in there hands.
 Here is June. I wonder what she's making ???.....
Well I'll find out later!!
 Kayla and June

P.S.- The set is from Dollar Tree if you happen to have or get one email me pictures of it with your doll.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Sorry for not posting!"

Sorry for not posting. My internet modem thing broke down but its up and running now.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sorry :/

Sorry for not posting I try as often I'm sitting in the cafeteria right now so just bare with me...

Saturday, September 14, 2013

An Awesome Give Away!!!

Go and check out this awesome give away:

Isn't this swimsuit to cute????
Go check it out before it's to late!!!

A Contest At All About Dolls Blog!!!

Pyjama Party Doll Photo Contest Voting

Please go and check it out and vote for me and my dolls:

Just click on "Vote Here" and pick Kayla!! Thank you!!

Kayla, June, Katherine, Lacey, Emily and Molly

Friday, September 13, 2013