Monday, September 2, 2013

Happy Labor Day!!!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Labor Day!!!!
It's nice to enjoy one last weekend full of cooking out and swimming before we get into the grind of school, Fall and Winter!!!
This is how we enjoyed our Labor Day!!!

Everyone was sitting around and talking about school starting soon and trying to figure out what to  do for Labor Day!?
Then I had a Great Idea!! (June)
June: Whey don't we go Swimming??
Molly: I'll get our stuff!!

Molly: Here we go, Let's get dressed!!
Emily, Katherine, June, Molly and Lace: Let's Go!!! We are ready!!
(The girls line up and get ready to go outside)!!

June: I'm SO Excited!!! I can't wait!!!
Oooohhh!! The sidewalk is HOT!!!

Molly: Oh No!! The pool is not filled up!!! I guess I'll have to do it if we want to go swimming!!
Katherine, Emily, Lacey and June: HURRY UP MOLLY!!! PLEASE!!!!
Ahhh!!! This feels so good!!!

I really LOVE Swimming!!!

Enjoy your Labor Day!!!

June, Katherine, Molly, Emily and Lacey