Friday, September 27, 2013

Halloween Is Just Around The Corner........

Are you ready? Does your Doll have an outfit in mind? We don't celebrate Halloween around here really, we go to Church Fall Festival's, we still get candy but we play games and have tons of fun.

Have you checked out the costumes at ??

This is what they have:

Witch Costume for Dolls + Charm
I like the dress but I don't like Witch Outfits
Spooky Fun Outfit for Dolls + Charm
I like the Orange Tutu!!!
Genie Outfit + Charm
I Like this costume!! It is just to cute!!!
Or are you going to make a costume? I have some in mind that my mom and I are going to start working on soon. I will post pictures when I have them ready. Please post your pictures or post a link to your blog with your pictures, I would love to see them.


  1. We have one official AG costume, the black cat, then we go through the rest of the wardrobe and find creative ways to make costumes from other clothes. It's a lot of fun.

    1. Cool I don't have any AG coustumes but Katherine came in the Our Generation mermaid outfit so that's one real doll costume. We go through all their clothes and old little Barbie props and see what clicks in our heads!! :)

  2. what qre you gonnna be for halloween!? i'm going as nightmare moon from my little pony!!!

    1. Cool Nightmare moon sounds fun!!!! I'm most likely going as a pirate. I will post a picture of Me and My dolls all in our costumes.