Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Molly's Welcome Home Party!!!


Molly was so excited about her party!!! And she was so excited to Finally be home!!!
Emily was so happy to have Molly home with her and the rest of the girls!!!
We are so happy to be all together!!!
Molly: I want to dance Let's turn on the music!!!

Molly: I have my phone, I can play some tunes for us!!!

WooHooo!!! We Love Dancing!!!

Look it's time for the Piñata!!!!
Lacey: Who is going first?
Molly and Emily should go first they are New to the family and it's their party!!
So Molly Lines up first then Emily!!

Molly takes a BIG Swing at the Piñata!!!!
Then Emily steps up for her turn!

June: Come on Emily you can do it!!!
Molly, June, Katherine and Lacey: Yeah!!! Emily did it!!!
Hey, I want some!!!

Emily: Katherine!! Really???? You just jumped on top of us!!!

I just want some chocolate!!!!
Everyone looking to see what they got!!
Emily: Yes!! I got a Hershey's!!!

Molly: I got a Tootsie Roll!!!

Lacy: Yummy!! I got Starburst!!

June: I got a Kiss!!!
Katherine: Me too!!!
Katherine: I hope No One saw me put this here!! He He!!!
Welcome Home Molly and Emily!! We are so Happy to have you a part of our family!!
Thank you for letting me share our adventure of getting Molly and Emily home with us and we welcomed them into our family!!!
Kayla, June, Katherine, Lacey, Molly and Emily!!!!
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