Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Back To School Time!!! (Almost!!)

A few days ago.....................................
Everyone was sitting around and keep busy, it was just to hot to go outside!
June was bored and then decided to go and check the mail!
June: Wow! We got a lot of mail today!!
June: Katherine you got something.

Katherine: Thank you!

Lacey: Oh it's from Bland Doll Elementary!!
Molly: I wonder what it is?
Emily: I bet it's our school stuff and schedule!
Katherine: Ohhh! I hope we are all in the same class
June: I hope we get Mrs. Poe! I just Love her!!

June: I have one for Papi Arnold?

Papi: Hey I was just coming to ask you if you got my mail, I didn't have anything in my box!??

June: Here you go!!
Papi: Thanks!!

Papi: See ya'll in school!!!

Papi: Gotta run!!!
June: I'm so nervous!!!

June: Wow! I got my schedule, my School Id and my Welcome Letter from Mrs. Poe!! Yeah!!!

Katherine: Yes we are ALL in the same class!!! I'm so happy!!
Emily: We have Art!!! Yeah!!!
Molly: My picture looks pretty good.
Lacy: We've got to make sure we have all our school supplies!!
P.S I already started school but since things were so crazy I did the girls school starting later so I could post pictures of them getting ready!!
Kayla, June, Katherine, Lacey, Molly and Emily
P.S.S. A look behind the scenes. Going to show you the girls School Id's, their School Schedule and their Welcome Letter. I got the idea from Doll Diaries and my mom got busy on her computer and made these for you! Hope you enjoy our craft!

The School Id's I used pictures of the Girls except Molly and Emily we used a stock picture of them. And we called the School Bland Doll School because that is a combination of my school and the girls!!
The Welcome Letter, we used a Word Program and just typed up the Welcome letter and shrank it down!

We did the same thing with the School Schedule.

The envelope my mom just cut down a small 1/3 of the size of a real manila folder and used it  to make small manila envelopes for our letters!!
See the  size in this picture!!!
I hope you enjoyed our Back To School Photo Shoot!!!
Kayla, June, Lacey, Katherine, Emily and Molly (and Papi Arnold)



  1. Very nice. :) Hope the girls have fun in school.

    1. The will i'm their teacher me or my brother!