Sunday, September 29, 2013

Photo Shoot

The girls sleeping!

Then June wakes up and is trying to get up and going!!!

June: I'm sooooo tired!!

June: "Gotta get up, Gotta get up"

June: Awww!! What a Great Morning!!!

June: Emily!!! Time to get up!!!

Emily: I'm up!! Good Morning!!!

June: Good Morning Emily!!! Let's get  our day started!!!

June: Molly! Molly! Time to get up!!!

Molly: I'm up!! Good Morning Everyone!! How did you sleep? Me? Great!!!!

June: I slept great!!
Molly: Good. Wake up the other two girls over there!!
June: Get up guys it's morning!!
Huh? were up.
June: Come on guys let's get our day started!!
Well we better get going.
Kayla and the girls!!

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