Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Have You Been Target Lately???

They are starting to stock their shelves for the Holidays!!!

Our Generation!!! Look at all this stuff!!!!

I'm in Doll Heaven!!!! LOL!!!

I really like this bed!! I might have to see about getting one!!

This School Bag Set is really cute!! 

I LOVE this Dress!!! It would make a great Holiday Dress for Lacey!!

This is a cute back to school outfit!!!

Great Winter outfit! Love the boots!!!

I want this Slumber Party Set!!!

This is to cute!!
I Love purple and this dress!!!

YeeHaw!!! Love the Cowboy (I mean Cowgirl) hat!!!
I like this, I could use it to practice doll hair styles!!??

A Cute closet!!
These cases are cute! I have the Badger one and I really love it. Check it out here:


I LOVE the Horses!!!
I got one from my cousin for my birthday!! Check it out here:

I've been wanting rain boots for my girls!!




They have cute clothes that are pretty good quality for a whole lot less money!! Plus I love that they have books that come with the outfits! I LOVE to read so extra books are nice!!!




I do like some of their dolls!!! There's one or two I wouldn't mind having!!!
I love the doll and her riding outfit!!!
I have this set and I LOVE it!!!! Check it out here:
Then the Doll Cars/Bikes and so on.........
To cute, my mom says it looks like the one she had when she was little!!

Love the Scooters!! I want one!! ( I want everything don't I?) LOL

The Jeep!!!

The RV!!!! I want this!!! LOL!!!
I haven't seen the Owl Lunch Box, The Stable, or the computer but I'm on the lookout for it all. Please let me know what you find!!