Friday, November 29, 2013

Our Happy Thanksgiving Dinner!

 This is our Thanksgiving table!
 I made napkin rings, and remember the utensils I got and trimmed down well we never had time to trim them all so I used them any way.
 My mom made bread ( The brown things in the tray) it is made all out of clay . We made corn, cranberry sauce, green beans, dressing , and the bread. I had a plastic turkey from a play kitchen I had when I was younger.
 Close ups.

 Here is our Desert table!!!

 Everyone seated at the table!!

 Everyone with food on their plate!

 Out comes blueberry rolling out the desserts table.
 She sees everyone talking.
 * wheeling the table out* Opps!! She hit papi!
 Papi: Hey! Watch  out blueberry!!
 Blueberry: Opps!! Im sorry!
 Here's the desserts!!
 Molly: Ohh!!! Dessert!
 Who wants what!!??!??
 Here you go!!
 All: YUMM!!
 :( Nothing's left for me.....
 OHHH!!!! CAKE!! 1 LAST SLICE! ALL FOR ME! Thanks papi!
 * num num num num num* Yummy!
 Nothing left better take the dishes back.

 * wheels it back*
 Yumm that was a good Thanksgiving.!!
Ahhhh. I think Lacey thinks its time for bed.!!!!
 Kayla, June, Lacey, Katherine, Molly, Emily, Blueberry, Papi, and Polar!!!!
 Hope yall had a nice Thanksgiving!!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Guys!!!  What are ya'll Thankful for? I'm thankful for a roof over my head, food on my table, A WONDERFUL family, and my 5 wonderful dolls!!

 Kayla and The Girls!! <3 <3 <3

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Traveling For The Holidays???

Visit Talbott Hotel in Chicago!! Check this out:

Welcome to The Talbott Hotel

Imagine yourself in a luxury hotel in the heart of Chicago's effervescent Gold Coast. Envision a boutique hotel that blends the charms of a gracious bygone era with opulent accommodations, impeccable service and unexpected delights. Imagine all this, now

The Talbott Hotel’s American Girl Package to Benefit Lurie Children’s Hospital this Holiday Season

The Talbott Hotel is thrilled to announce a new charitable component to their popular American Girl packages this holiday season. Now through December 31, 2013, guests who book one of the hotel’s three American Girl Packages for arrival by the end of year can enjoy a family-friendly vacation while also supporting Lurie Children’s Hospital. The hotel is donating $50 for every American Girl Package booked now through the end of 2013 with arrival dates on or before December 31, 2013 to the children’s hospital. In addition, The Talbott is donating one American Girl doll every week starting November 1, 2013 through the end of the year to Lurie Children’s Hospital.

So you get a Great Holiday American Girl Package and you also support Lurie children's Hospital!!!


Baking For Thanksgiving!

Here's a photo story!!
The people are Molly, June, and Lacey.
 June: Hey Lacey we haven't even made desserts for Thanksgiving dinner.
Lacey: Yeah! We all agreed on brownies right?
June: Ok lets get started! You want to be my helper?
Lacey: Sure! Lets get to work!
 Lacey and June: Come on we better get started.
 June: I need to put the apron on.

 Me: June you need to put your hair up. No one wants hairy brownies!!
June: Yes Mommy!!
 June: I had to hang my vest up to put the apron on.
 June: Lacey can you tie my apron in the back?
Lacey: Ok!
 Lacey: I got the straps....
Lacey: Almost got it!

 Lacey: Got it!
 Both: Time to get ready!
 * Cleans off table from things they don't need*
 Both: Ready!!

 * Making brownies!!*
 This is the recipe we are going to follow.
 * 2 cups of sugar*

 * 1 cup of butter*
 * 1/2 a cup of cocoa powder*

 *1 teaspoon vanilla extract*
 *crack**crack**crack**crack** June breaking 4 eggs*
 * 1 1/2 cups of all-purpose flour*
 * 1/2 a teaspoon baking powder*
 * 1/2 a teaspoon of salt*
Lacey: We shouldn't put walnuts
June: You're right.
 June: We gotta stir it now.

Lacey: June! Pour it carefully!! I don't wanna make a whole new batch!!
 June: Lets wait for them to cook now.


 June: We should decorate them for Thanksgiving AND Christmas and year round!!
 Molly: I wanna help I can decorate!!
 June: Ok Molly you can help...
 * 15 min. later* Molly: I'M DONE GUYS!
 Molly: How do they look?
 Lacey: :Ohhhh
June: :0h Wha.... How.. U...?
 * All the girls decided to grab a brownie sit and talk about Thanksgiving tomorrow!*
* I'm very surprised that June stayed on the table!!*

 Kayla and the girls!!! <3