Friday, November 29, 2013

Our Happy Thanksgiving Dinner!

 This is our Thanksgiving table!
 I made napkin rings, and remember the utensils I got and trimmed down well we never had time to trim them all so I used them any way.
 My mom made bread ( The brown things in the tray) it is made all out of clay . We made corn, cranberry sauce, green beans, dressing , and the bread. I had a plastic turkey from a play kitchen I had when I was younger.
 Close ups.

 Here is our Desert table!!!

 Everyone seated at the table!!

 Everyone with food on their plate!

 Out comes blueberry rolling out the desserts table.
 She sees everyone talking.
 * wheeling the table out* Opps!! She hit papi!
 Papi: Hey! Watch  out blueberry!!
 Blueberry: Opps!! Im sorry!
 Here's the desserts!!
 Molly: Ohh!!! Dessert!
 Who wants what!!??!??
 Here you go!!
 All: YUMM!!
 :( Nothing's left for me.....
 OHHH!!!! CAKE!! 1 LAST SLICE! ALL FOR ME! Thanks papi!
 * num num num num num* Yummy!
 Nothing left better take the dishes back.

 * wheels it back*
 Yumm that was a good Thanksgiving.!!
Ahhhh. I think Lacey thinks its time for bed.!!!!
 Kayla, June, Lacey, Katherine, Molly, Emily, Blueberry, Papi, and Polar!!!!
 Hope yall had a nice Thanksgiving!!