Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Finally!! Time For The Pumpkin Patch!!!

We got here to the entrance of the Pumpkin Patch and we were so excited and couldn't wait to pick out our pumpkins!!!

Ohhh!!! Look at all the pumpkins!!

Katherine: I want this one!!!

Lacey: Hmm, which one should I get???

Lacey: I think I'll get this one!!


Emily: I want this one! It's SO cute!!!

Emily: Yes! This is the one! Oh, that Scarecrow is really cute!!

June: I want this big one!! It's perfect!!!

June: Yes! This is the one! Can I take a Scarecrow?? I REALLY want one!!!

Molly: I guess I'll take this one!

Molly: Wow, it's so pretty here!

Molly: I got mine!!!
Still more to come!! I hope your enjoying our Fall Activities