Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Putting Up The Tree!!!

Well it is WAY past time for us to put up our Tree! So it was time to get busy!!
June: Girls! We have to put up our tree! It's almost Christmas and we still haven't decorated!!

Katherine: Yeah!!
Molly: I'm tired!!

Emily: I'm so excited!!

Lacey: Ok, What do you want me to do?

June: Lacey you can help me bring in the tree! It's heavy!

June and Lacey: Ughhh! This IS heavy!!

Katherine: Our Tree is so pretty! And heavy!!!

Katherine: Ok this is the perfect spot!

Now time to decorate!
Molly: I have to put the tree skirt!

Awww, it's so pretty!!! Time to decorate!!!
Kayla, June, Katherine, Lacey, Molly and Emily