Sunday, December 22, 2013

Dear Santa............................................

* All the girls talking and eating Oreos with hot cocoa!!*

Molly: So yummy!!! Maybe  I should've put more whip cream.....
Emily: No way Molly you already used half the container!!!!

Lacey: These Oreo cookies that grandma made are sooooooo good!!!!!

Lacey: Yum!

June: Yummy!!!

All: These cookies are great!!!

Katherine: I'm soooo thirsty.....

Katherine; Hey! I don't have any hot coca!!

Katherine: How do ya'll drink hot coca without a saucer!!!

Katherine: Hot coca!!! With a saucer! Perfection!!!

Katherine: Yum!

June: Time to write our Christmas list!!

Molly: I want a teddy bear, A dollie, and  dollie clothes!!!!

Lacey; I want a tutu, and a new jacket!

June: I want a stuffed animal and a new basketball!! (Opps!! Spelled basketball wrong!)

Katherine: I want a red coat to match my hair color, and a new outfit.!!

Emily: I want to know if my parent's in England are safe and a teddy bear!

Molly: Aww, Emily! I'm sure your family is doing great and miss you so much but we love having you in our family and Love you so much!!

Lacey: I'm so happy to have my family and I'm so excited about a Very Merry Christmas!!!

June: I love Christmas but we can't forget the Real Meaning of Christmas! The birth of the Baby Jesus!!!

Katherine: That's right! Jesus is the reason for the Season!!!
Ok Bye!!!
Kayla, June, Emily, Molly, Lacey, and Katherine!

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