Thursday, December 5, 2013

It Is A Brrrr Tiful Day!!!!

Emily: Only in Texas can you wear your shorts one day and the next you have to wear your heavy coat because it dropped 50 degrees in 12 hrs!!! WoW!!!

Emily: Thank Goodness my mom and grandma got me a new winter coat! I LOVE it!!! And it keeps me warm!!!

Emily: Look at all that pretty "fur". It's so "Girly"

Emily: I love the cuffs!! I need to find my gloves and scarf!!

Emily: The collar is so Fluffy!!!

Emily I love the buttons and it fits "like a glove"

Emily: How do I look? I'm ready to go outside!!

Emily: I did put my ear muffs on to keep my ears warm!!

Emily: I hope if your in this bad storm that is hitting a lot of places, stay warm and be safe!!!