Tuesday, February 11, 2014

We Love Candy And Sweets On Valentine's Day!!!

Well, everyone voted on Cake Pops so we thought we would start making them. This is how we made ours.
Get a package of Styrofoam balls, paint and skewers or popsicle sticks and glitter if you want sprinkles

We are using skewers and we pushed it through the Styrofoam ball to the middle.

They hold very well

Then paint them any color you want this one is red.

The finished product. We did 2 white with pink sprinkles, 2 red and 2 pink and we did 2 different sizes. And I put them in this cup so they wouldn't touch each other and could dry without any smudges. I put foil inside the cup and pushed the pops through so they could stand straight. 

A close up of the white with sprinkles and the pink one. (If you put glitter wait for it to dry and then cover with Modge Podge so it will stick)

The red ones came out great.
These Cake Pops will be in our Valentine's Photo Story later this week. Just wanted to throw some ideas out there for your Valentine's Dolly Party!
Hope you enjoyed this simple and easy craft! And it adds so much fun to your party! You can NEVER have to much party food!!

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