Wednesday, February 12, 2014

We Got New Coats! Just In Time For The Ice Storm Headed Our Way.......

We got 2 new coats and wanted to share!
I love this coat! It's so soft and I like the colors!

I love the Star Buttons on the front and it has a Velcro closure.

The Velcro closure

Both the coats we got!

The red one is just like our white coat, it's the Springfield Fur coat!!

I love the color, it's so pretty and I love how soft it is and it's a great price!!

Saige really loves the red coat, I guess we know which one is hers! LOL!!

We have had really cold weather, ice storms and snow here in Texas so I think all my dolls now have coats to keep them warm!! And still be stylish!!!
Kayla and Saige


  1. Yay! So glad everyone can be toasty now.
    Stay warm and safe during the storms.

  2. I love the red coat! It looks so warm and cozy!!
    ~Cindy ♥

    1. Thanks! It does look comfy! I might have to borrow it from Saige! o_-