Friday, February 21, 2014

My Last Valentine Post!

The girls were so excited about the Valentine Party!!

Molly just started eating the cake and didn't care that she wasn't sharing!!

Molly: Man that is good!!! I hope No One else wanted any cake!! Hehehe

June: That's ok I'm having these cake pops!! Yummy!!

June: This is my favorite!!

Saige: I'm having some sugar cookies!

Emily: I love the Sugar Cookies to!
Molly: I wanna try a cookie!! Yummy!!!

Katherine: Yes, I think this is my favorite!

Saige: MOMMY!!! Can I have all these cookies?

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Saige: Happy Valentines Day hope you had a Happy Day!!! We Did!!!

The flowers

Our cookies

The cake pops

The cake

The table!!
Hope you enjoyed!!
Kayla, Saige, June, Katherine, Lacey, Molly and Emily
I was going to show you how we made the cookies! Most people would could out hearts out of foam and I found these already cut out at Dollar Tree! So that saved me a big step!

I matched up what I wanted for my cookies!

Pink and white ones

All the colors that were in my package! I love Valentines because all the crafts are super easy to make but add so much to the celebration!!