Monday, February 10, 2014

A Doll Sized Find and Photo Story!!

Emily: It's cold and raining outside what can I do?? My sisters are watching a movie and I don't feel like a movie.

Emily: Hey I forgot we had this new puzzle! I LOVE puzzles!!

Emily: Oh!! It's a Winnie The Pooh Puzzle!! Yes!!! I LOVE Pooh!!

Emily: Oh!! I'm so excited!!
Emily: I think I'll listen to some music and enjoy my puzzle!!
(la la la la la)

Emily: Well, I got all the corners
Emily: This is so much fun!
Emily: Ok the last piece and I'm done!!! Yeah!!


Here are some close up pictures of the puzzle tin I found at Dollar Tree! It's the perfect size for the dolls. They only had 2 left so I got one! I couldn't pass it up! I know that I love doing puzzles and playing games especially when you can't go outside!! And I'm trying to build up the girls games and puzzles!

Hope you enjoyed my Photo Story and Doll Size Find!!!

Kayla and Emily

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