Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My Trip To American Girl Doll Store Dallas!! ( Part 2 )

Ok so this is Part 2 of my trip to American Girl Store Dallas .!!
Here is one of the panels in front of the store.
Here is a panel on the other side of the door!!
Here is the display of the newest Dolls Caroline they were inside the door way and technically not inside the store ( The section before you enter the store ) .
 Rebbeca Rubin she's so pretty I want to get her !! The set in this picture is so cute!!! I love the little hat !! AHHH!!! (Sorry for the glare)
 Caroline Abbott is so pretty and I personally <3  her calf Garnet!! Who else loves this set??
 Ohhh... Josephina and Sambrita !!  I love Josephina's hair !!
 Josephina's table and chairs are really cute !!
 Another view but in this photo Josephina's face looks kinda like a Journey Girls face in this photo
 Caroline again inkpot is really soft and adorable!! Her bed amazed me it was soooo much better quality than I thought!!
 Cecile next to Marie Grace's bed . Her ringlets are so cute I really want Cecile to!! Her pajamas are so adorable I love the ribbons!!
 Marie-Grace's Dog Argos is fluffy :) !! I have Marie-Grace and Cecile on my wish list !! Her vanity is really cute and all the little accessories !
 Kit and Grace on their scooter I have to say this is really cute I love Kit and this scooter was a really cute set and Grace was really amazing quality!! American Girl really has a keeper with this set !!!
 Here is Kit and Ruthie's Bed . I love their Pajamas this set was just 2 cute!!
 Here is Rebecca's Night Robe and pajamas . Her bed is really fluffy and frilly its really girly and cute I think it suits her.
 Here is another shot of it.
 Here is Josephina's bed there is a glare you can see my mom!!! LOL it is also another bed that's good quality !
 Molly in her polka Dot outfit if you see there is a thing at the bottom it says temporarily out of stock on the Molly dolls!! NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
Here is the thing  .
 Julie's Calico outfit is ADORABLE!!!
 Here is a close up view.
 Here is Julie's bed, pajamas, and record set. Her bed is total 70's her pajamas are pink and spacey I wouldn't mined a pair for me!!! The record set was so cute the pieces seemed a little to small but I was to short to reach the Dolls hands they were posed pretty high.
 Marie-Grace here this outfit was to cute!! Plus the parasol was really cute and frilly !!
 The Keepsake Box was to cute!!
Another view of the Keepsake Box.

Caroline's Table, Chairs & Party Set. It was so cute in real life!! Also I really like her outfit.

All of Addy's outfits!!

All the Addy's waiting to be taken home.

Kaya's Teepee, and Kaya's Foal, Sparks Flying, and Kaya's Mare, Steps High! I like the horses and the Teepee was good quality! Another wish list item!!!

Addy and her bed. I like her quilt and her pajamas.

Here is Cecile and Marie-Grace set. Sorry it's so blurry!! Their outfits are really cute and I like Marie-Grace's dog Argos! He is so fluffy!!!

The Crinoline & Chemise and Argos. Can you imagine wearing THAT everyday? I certainly can't, I don't even wear dresses!!!

I hope you enjoy the pictures of my trip to the AG Store stay tuned for Part 3!! I took so many pictures that I can't wait to share with you all.



  1. thanks for showing us pics of your trip.i really like the Josephina pictures and I love that carolines set with the outfit and calf.

    1. Cool I like Josephina and love Caroline's calf!!

  2. more more! :DDD p.s i think you shoud do a q&a

    1. I Really Would !!! Thanks for telling me That!! thanks!!

  3. I like how you post pictures about all the dolls!!!! I have josefina!!!!