Monday, August 19, 2013

Target and Our Generation New Items!!!

Have you heard that the Target Line Our Generation has a Horse Stable that will be out for the Holidays!! I LOVE HORSES and can't wait to see it and I'm putting it on my "Wish List"!!!

I have been on Google to see what I can find and I found some pictures on Ebay (of all places) so here it is:

                                                      It's Pink!!!!

                             Look at ALL That Stuff it comes with!!!

I have a lot of the buckets because I have some Horses but the food is cute!!

Isn't this cute??? I LOVE it!!! I was at Target and saw tons of new cute stuff!! I will post after I upload the pictures!! I hear that it's going to be $79.99!!! WoW!!! Do you think this one is OK or should I just spend the extra money and get the AG one?

It's $110.00.

Have a Great Day!!

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