Friday, August 23, 2013

My Trip To American Girl Doll Store Dallas!! ( Part 5 )

Where we let off...........
 I love Caroline's accessories her hat is so cute!!
Three new outfits!!
 Buying my Emily!!! AHHHH!!!!!! SHE'S SO PRETTY !!!
 Check out lady ....
 buying her !!!  The check out Lady was so nice and before she handed Emily to me she whispered in Emily's Ear, "Emily, We are going to miss you and you're going with a nice family"
Me and June with Emily !!

Then we went to the Bistro for my Birthday Lunch!!

 At The Bistro the borrowing dolls !!
 All the chairs.....
 Random picture I took.
 Icing light!
 Nice table set up!!
 June and Emily!!
 Lemonade I got !! So funny Look down....
 HA They gave Emily and June their own cup with lemonade to !!
 Here's June's. Her lemonade keep getting lower......
 Pretty Lights !
 Me and Emily !!

 Fake Flowers!!

 Appetizers !!! This is mine and my brother got the same thing.
The yogurt was delicious and the muffins were so good !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 My Dad's appetizer, it was Artichoke Dip with Pita Bread. I liked the bread. (My mom got the same thing)
 My Brother's food. He had Chicken Strips with Mac & Cheese and a Fruit Kabob!
 My mom's food . Wow that's a lot of sandwich she didn't finish it all :) And the middle was a salad!
 My Dad's Food with a side salad.
 My food . A burger :) It was good !! With a side salad!!!
 Random picture my mom took of me !!
 Menu I know it's hard to read so I took 2 pictures of it you decide !! :)
 Here is the second picture.
 My birthday shake !!!
 Me and Emily slurp-in on a shake!!
 Me and Daddy !!! <3
A picture of Me, Joey and , Daddy with my mouth full of lettuce  !! My mom is always behind the camera.
Stay tuned for tomorrows post 6
 Kayla !!


  1. I love these pictures.i think the first picture of the menu looks better.thanks so muck for posting your pictures.

    1. Aw thanks I really can not tell witch looks better...