Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Fall Realease At American Girl!!!

I Love some of these new items:

This is cute, I want it!!
This is cute but at a price of $110 I don't think I will be getting any time soon!
The Holiday Set is to cute! It's $28 Not to bad.
The Snow Fun Set, it's $48 a little to much in my opinion!
A New Gymnastics Set an updated McKenna's Gymnastics Set for $85.
Polar Bear Pajamas for Dolls + Charm for $24. I want this!!!!
Frosty Fair Isle Set & Puffy Jacket for $24 - $54!!!
Brocade Holiday Dress for Dolls + Charm for $36, I LOVE this Dress!!!
Saige's Sweater Outfit for Dolls & Girls!! This is SO Cute! I love that outfit!!!
The Bitty Babies are now $80!!??? I wanted one so we can have babies in our Family but now?? I don't think I'm willing to pay $80 for one!!
So what do you think of the new items?
There are so many more cute things go to www.americangirl.com and check it out!!!
Happy Shopping!!!


  1. I know! American girl dolls went up too! They where $105 now they are $110! It seems like little because its five extra dollars but also shipping handling it gets really pricy! I have 4 bitty babies! Two of them are twins!

    1. I know right!!!This is so crazy I had to save my allowance for 6 months before I could even buy a doll!!!! It is so bad cause now even bitty babies are going up and most girls want a " Big girl " doll so the prices are going up for the AG Dolls

    2. It took me a year to buy just kaya! It's crazy!

  2. AWESOME!!!!!! oh and i'm buying emily bennet next week!!! please do a review on her! oh and my dolls wanted to say somethung:

    molly: how come saige and the bb jlys get something new all the time! all we historics get is retirement! " cries" its unfair!!!

    rebecca: please forgive my sister molls shes so upset about her retirement lol

    1. K I sure will do a review on Emily ! I know molly m Molly feels you to !!

  3. I really like the new items.I love the polar bear pjsI want those, I really like the hair salon kit thing and the spa thing but its really expensive,I like the snow kit thing, I really like the new face mold for bitty babys but why did they have to raise the price, and last but not least I really like the outfit with the puffy jacket.

    1. I like the puffy jacket I might just buy that part ! I think the old face mold is much cuter for bitty baby!

    2. Yea u like the old face mold too! I have 4 bitty babies from being a little girl and they where only $50 dollars back then and now that they changed them do much I like the old ones!

    3. I know I'm not saying their ugly but they are a little wired I like old bitty baby face mold!