Friday, August 30, 2013

Molly Is Here!!! Molly Is Here!!!

Ok, did I tell you that Molly was sold out at the AG Store in Dallas but I really wanted her!!! I was also getting  Emily so we got the Molly & Emily Best Friends Collection. So we paid for the whole collection, we took Emily home and they were going to ship Molly to us when they got her in.

 So this is me getting Molly: ( I got her sooner than I thought, the store said it would take a week but we got her in 4 days)


Me opening the box!!!!

Another catalogue, I love looking through it a couple hundred times!!!

Hummm, should I look now or say Hi to Molly??? Let's see Molly!!!

More Magazines for my Girls! Yeah!!!

OK, pulling her box out of the shipping box!!

TaDa!! There she is

See!! Here she is.....finally!!!

Just look at her

Isn't she beautiful????


Molly, you're finally home!!!!
June and Emily waiting for Molly to get home.
Emily: When do you think she'll be here??
June: I don't know but I hope it's soon!!!
Molly: I'm HERE!!!!

Emily: MOLLY!!!! You're here!!!

Molly and Emily hug each other and are so happy to be reunited!!!
Stay Tuned for 1 Last part.......................