Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Great New My Life Items At Walmart!!!!!!

I will start off with all the cute clothes!!!

I love this pink warm up suit. I love pink and it feels so soft!!

This Cowgirl outfit is just to cute!!!


I love the Fur Vest!!! 

Cute Soccer outfit!! I really want a cute Basketball outfit!!

I LOVE these Hats!!!! I want these!!!

Cute leggings!!

The shoes are cute but I'm not sure I would buy the boots because I'm not sure they would fit my AG Dolls and not leave any marks!!!


Earmuffs!!!! Perfect for Winter Time!!!

To Cute!!!!

I love hair accessories and these bands are so cute!!!

More cute boots!!!

Tennis anyone??? I want this!!!

YeeHaww!!!!! I want this!! ( I want everything don't I???)


Cute Baseball outfit!! I wouldn't buy it I want one that looks more like a baseball outfit!!!


Gymnastics outfit cute!!! I love that it comes with a duffel bag!!!And a Water Bottle!!!
There are tons more My Life stuff will post more later.

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