Monday, October 28, 2013

I Won Another Giveaway!!! Check Out This Cute Outfit..................................

I won this Giveaway (by default, but I Still Won!!!) and I'm so happy because I REALLY wanted this outfit!!! Fun with AG Fan had this giveaway from Minniparrel and I won this outfit!!
Opening the box

The top with Lace Sleeves!
The top is good material, and it fits on the dolls easily.

Blue Skinny Jeans with Real Pockets


                                                                      How cute!
Love the detail on the pockets!!

 It feels like real jean material.

To cute!!!

Doesn't Molly look cute in this outfit?

Love the Skinny Jeans!
They are really good material!

And love the lace on the top!!


  1. Cool!! I just won a giveaway too!!! :) It's for the outfit on Fun with AG Fan! It is for an adorable sweater, lace tank-top, black leggings, and boots! Congrats!

    1. I know I saw you won it . I entered that contest to! So happy you won Congratulations!!