Tuesday, November 18, 2014

June's New Hobby........


June: This is my new skateboard my mom found for me on sale and decided to get it for me!!!
Yah Me!!!

June: I want to go outside and ride my new skateboard but it's like only 20 degrees outside!!  Maybe that's why it was on sale!!!!

June: Maybe Mom won't mind me just "testing it" in the hallway????

June: Ohhhhh!! I love it!! Maybe just a few laps in the hallway??? That wouldn't hurt anything??

June: Hee Hee Hee

June: Wow!! This is Sooooooo much fun!!!
Here is a closer look at June's new skateboard!!
It's perfect for her and we found it at Dollar Tree for a $1!!! What a great deal!!

I love how it looks because June is a tomboy just like me!!!!
Kayla and June!!!!