Monday, January 6, 2014

Doll Sized Finds!!

We went to Michael's Sunday to see what we could find in the clearance section and we found tons of stuff! I got more mini stockings for .19 and I found (well actually my brother) found one more of the Christmas Mugs and I got it for .20! And this is what I found for my girls!

A Key chain that is a Calendar!! It's perfect for the girls!!!

You can hang it up or

Stand it up on your desk! The Calendars are on sale for 60% off so we got this for .69!

I found this mini Tinker Bell Snow globe for $1.99 Regular price $9.99!!!

Molly loves Tinker Bell!!

She's so happy we got it!!
I also found the Computer and Computer case that Target has and I haven't been able to find it but we found it today and my mom bought it for me!!!
It's so cute!!!

I love the computer!!

The top design is to cute!!

Bottom of computer

The key board

The pen
Top of pen

It's to cute!!!

The Laptop Case!!

Buckle closer that actual work!!


Love the Scottie and that it's plaid

I'm SOOOOO happy that I finally found it!! I've been looking for this on Ebay and it's going for $15 and up and I got it at Target for $6.99.
Please let me know if you find any cute Doll sized finds!!!